How Holded scaled their signups by 4.5x in less than 12 months

How Holded scaled their signups by 4.5x in less than 12 months


Holded moved from Skale’s SaaS Link Building service to SEO Management service. In just nine months, the team helped them increase their monthly signups by 450% from non-branded organic searches.

450% Increase monthly sign ups from non branded organic searches
100% Increase visit -> Signup conversion rate in the Holded blog
4x Organic signups from non-branded SEO

The software growth challenge

When Skale started working with Holded, they were primarily looking to boost their organic traffic via high-quality backlinks. After seeing increased traction, Holded decided to extend their scope of work with Skale and tackle one of their biggest challenges: making SEO a significant source of product signups and reducing their dependency on PPC; given 3:1 LTV:CAC restraints. They wanted full SEO management

Given how competitive the Spanish invoicing software industry is, with players like Sage, Anfix, and Quipu, Skale decided to focus on high-intent BoFU opportunities where the team created impact and the highest upside in the mid-term.

The custom-made solution

First, Skale analyzed Holded’s current SEO content pages and hubs to determine topical authority and create a solid SEO growth strategy.

Second, Skale built a prioritization framework oriented towards owning the SERP for high intent queries related to the purchase of invoicing software, a cloud-based accounting solution, or an ERP. Why? These use cases had the highest ASP, and sign-up to customer velocity rate, and thus PMF.

Third, the team at Skale rolled out SEO growth initiatives like:

  • Optimizing Holded’s existing content for search intent
  • Creating new content pages and sculpting robust topic clusters around invoicing, accounting, and ERP usage
  • Building dozens of topically relevant and high-quality backlinks from finance and business sites—in Spanish
  • Running CRO experiments to increase visit to signup conversion rates

Holded’s results

In less than 12 months, Skale was able to more than quadruple Holded’s organic signups from non-branded SEO. The conversion rate from visit to signup in the Holded blog increased more than 100% in the same period. In all, positioning SEO as a key customer acquisition channel in 2021 and beyond.

Together, the teams at Skale and Holded have been able to win and hold high rankings in SERPs for extremely competitive keywords in the Spanish market like: programas de contabilidad (accounting programs), programas de facturación (invoicing programs) or ERP.

As a result, Skale will continue to help Holded scale its organic channel even more during 2022 and beyond.

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