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11 Top Fintech SEO Agencies for 2024 Success

11 Top Fintech SEO Agencies for 2024 Success
Italo Viale
by Italo Viale

Today’s technology landscape is booming, which makes hiring a fintech SEO agency more than a benefit—it is a prerequisite for building out your customer acquisition strategy

Unless you are equipped with an in-house team boasting a wide knowledge of SEO including impeccable SEO content creation skills and a talent for profitable growth marketing strategies, your SEO revenue engine is never going take off in the way you need it to. You need a strategic partner who can work with you to drive profitable and predictable new business revenue.

The answer? An SEO agency that works in the fintech sector. We’ve done the heavy lifting and present to you the top 11 fintech agencies to take your SEO strategy from zero to hero.  

1. Skale

Skale Homepage

Skale has emerged as the leading fintech SEO agency on the market. The agency partners with clients who aim to surpass their revenue targets. Most importantly, they have the most comprehensive suite of expert SEO services on the market—on-page SEO, expert-led SEO content creation, link building & outreach, growth strategy including conversion rate optimization, and technical SEO. You can get a full scope of services from a single source and enjoy the results you’ve been aiming to achieve. 

You are looking at a result-driven agency with a wide range of fintech SEO services. No, they won’t throw vanity metrics at you or post with the hope of bringing your business more organic traffic and generating more sales. Everything is carefully planned and executed through various phases based on your requirements, needs, and strategic insights.

Top Services: SEO growth strategy, technical SEO, website migrations, link building & outreach, on-page SEO, content creation services, CRO, and revenue modeling 

Recognizable Clients: HubSpot, Usertesting, Personio, Appcues, TravelPerk, Flodesk, Recruitee,

Cost: From $4,000 / month

Best For: Building an SEO revenue engine

“When I joined Maze, one of my priorities was to get our content engine up-and-running quickly. We initially brought Skale on board to build an SEO playbook so that we could focus on the implementation. Now we’re working on link building together to turn Organic into a growth lever for Maze. Skale are SEO experts that are reliable and easy to work with, and most importantly deliver great work!” Bozena, Director of Marketing at Maze

SEO that supports growth for fintech

Skale’s data-driven SEO boosts revenue for fintech brands

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2. Straight North

Straight North is a US-based company that offers an array of services including SEO, SEM, and link building for B2B. Additionally, they offer web design and development, along with expert guidance in optimizing paid ad campaigns. 

If you’re managing a small to mid-sized business, Straight North is an excellent option. The full-service agency specializes in fields including fintech, B2B, and SaaS. They will analyze your sales funnels thoroughly and provide you with the services you need to grow your fintech company. 

Top Services: Paid advertising, web design, SEO, and creative services

Recognizable Clients: AffyTapple, Clover, DFIN, NafNaf, The JointCommission

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: SMEs 

“We recently built a new company website working with Straight North. It looks better than ever! We are incredibly satisfied with how it turned out. Working with the team was just that – A team. I felt that the Straight North team listened to our needs every step of the way and worked with us to ensure we got what we wanted in the end. Would 100% work with them again in the future” — Stephanie Okubo, Regional Sales/Marketing at Pascal Engineering.

3. Ninja Promo

Ninja Promo Homepage

Ninja Promo is a marketing agency that specializes in design, branding, website development, and marketing. This agency can help you stand out in a competitive market like fintech by connecting you with top influencers, designing your website, as well as forming a new, SEO-optimized marketing strategy for your business. 

So far, Ninja Promo has had a great track record and many successful campaigns for top-tier businesses, especially in the crypto and blockchain market. On their website, you can request a free proposal to see how the experts work. 

Top Services: Multi-channel marketing solutions, creative design, branding, website development, blockchain development

Recognizable Clients: CrunchBase, Clutch, TheManifest, DigitalNetworkAgency

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Disruptive marketing

“A data-driven partner, NinjaPromo has taken the time to examine the client’s branding, messaging, and positioning to develop strategies and content that match and provide valuable insights to further help them grow their business. They remain communicative, organized and reliable.” — Yury Rasolka, Chief Marketing Officer at Innowise

4. Sure Oak

Sure Oak Homepage

Next on our list is Sure Oak, another leading fintech SEO agency with over two decades of experience on the market. Fintech brands use Sure Oak for everything from content creation and optimization to link building and technical SEO audits. 

Even though the agency has clients across multiple industries, its specialization is B2B. They approach the customers’ projects by understanding their pain points and creating tailored strategies and plans based on the response. Thanks to their many years in the business, Sure Oak experts have developed exceptional methods for keyword analysis and content creation. 

Top Services: Content creation, content optimization, link building

Recognizable Clients: GAP, American Red Cross, AnnTaylor, AdvanceAutoParts, Mercedes-Benz

Cost: From $1,000

Best For: Strategic link building

“Sure Oak has ranked us in the top 3 positions for our most profitable keywords. Sure Oak actually drives results. They are diligent, focused, and a pleasure to work with. The team is awesome and I highly recommend them.” — Tung Bui at CellWaves

5. High Voltage

High Voltage Homepage

High Voltage is an SEO agency specifically focused on fintech, SaaS, eCommerce, and crypto, known for its use of science-based techniques to fuel growth. This particular brand uses scientific tests to understand Google’s algorithms and transform brands’ SEO into long-term growth. 

In reality, Google isn’t too transparent about its ranking factors, so SEOs run tests and make guesses. High Voltage or HV has decided on a direct approach – they conducted 400 tests to see how the algorithms work. The company has a US Patent for a proprietary system used for this purpose. 

Top Services: Content writing, content optimization, technical audits

Recognizable Clients: Freshbooks, Guru, Pexels, Aviva

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Technical audits of a website


“Hiring HV SEO was a great decision. Their documentation and deliverables are the best I’ve seen from any SEO agency, period.” Steve Toth, Led SEO at Freshbooks

How does SEO fit into your marketing strategy?

We implement high-ROI SEO strategies to drive revenue and product signups

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6. Flying V Group

Flying V Group Homepage

Headquartered in California, Flying V Group boasts an impressive client portfolio that features names like Vasco Assets and John Hancock. Flying V Group has a comprehensive approach to optimizing the digital marketing strategies of businesses in varied industries, including fintech, accounting, insurance, healthcare, and real estate.

The range of services at the agency is wide. They offer everything from website design and content writing to search engine optimization and video marketing. And if we are to trust their website—and their online reputation—most of the clients work with the agency for longer than a year. 

Top Services: SEO growth strategy, pay-per-click advertising, marketing plans, website design

Recognizable Clients: Global Premier Fertility, Bliss Car Wash, Vasco Assets, John Hancock, BRM, The Edge 

Cost: Custom pricing 

Best For: Flexible packages 

“Flying V Group has been the digital marketing partner for Newport Dunes and Campland for almost three years now. Our traffic levels have doubled via organic search and the reach of our paid advertising budget has been stretched enormously. As COVID-19 hit, the Flying V Group team also worked with us due to budget restrictions to continue offering the same levels of service at almost half of our original budget. As a marketing director, anyone that is looking for a trustworthy and hard-working agency, contact Flying V Group” — Jan Yerzik, Marketing Director at Newport Dunes and Campland.

7. Siege Media

Siege Media Homepage

According to Siege Media, they help brands ‘scale with SEO, content marketing, and PR’. The SEO agency has had some great success over the years and has garnered quite a client roster. Their case studies detail their work with some top-ranked businesses and startups, some of which are in the fintech industry, accompanied by many in SaaS and e-commerce.

Working with Siege Media for your fintech business growth comes with the benefit of website or blog design and optimization followed by a full-scope service including content creation, content strategy, SEO consulting, and marketing services.

Top Services: Content and blog writing, graphic design, content marketing, SEO consulting, link building

Recognizable Clients: Stash, Chime, Hippo, Lemonade, ItuitMint, QuickenLoans, Zillow

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: SEO content marketing

“They’re the absolute best in this business. Nobody thinks more comprehensively about SEO and content strategy than them. Moreover, they have the unique ability to execute strategies in a reliable way; they have a programmatic approach to SEO. Overall, the Siege Media team has been truly flexible with our requests, and they feel like a member of our in-house team. They’ve significantly leveled up our content and have impressed not only our marketing team but also our design and leadership teams.” — Maddy Martin, VP of marketing at

8. Alloy

Alloy Homepage

If you want to stand out from the crowded market that is fintech, you need cross-channel solutions like the ones offered by the Alloy crew. The company’s main focus is on shaping better public opinion about a business and building lasting influence online. 

They’ve worked with some amazing brands over the years, including Paysend and the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Their services are somewhat different from what other agencies in this list offer, so they tackle slightly different client needs.

Some of its top services include public relations, messaging, and content, in addition to lead generation and social media marketing.

Top Services: Branding, prototypes, UX design, social media marketing

Recognizable Clients: Paysend, ParkMobile, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, GeoThinQ

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Building lasting influence through branding 

9. Inbound FinTech

Inbound FinTech Homepage

Inbound Fintech is solely focused on financial services and fintech companies and as such, it only serves customers in these markets. The company is a UK award-winning brand with a comprehensive digital services toolkit designed to drive growth for your business. 

You can find just about anything at Inbound Fintech from web design to CRM implementation to the creation of your SEO or PPC strategy. They are an Elite Solutions Partner, which makes them very popular with businesses that use HubSpot. 

Top Services: CRM implementation, lead gen, web design, SEO and PPC strategy

Recognizable Clients: Genesis, TheMotleyFool, Blocknative, Paysend, TransferGo, BSO

Cost: From $5,000

Best For: Using a growth-driven approach to web development and marketing

“We have worked with Inbound Fintech in many different areas. Firstly, they set up templates in Hubspot, and the project went smoothly with transparent project management. We then needed a Hubspot to NetSuite integration, and the team has been a delight to work with, and also a great guide to making the best long-term decision for the business.” — Rhea Hokayem-Conway at Tivian

10. Fully Vested

Vested Homepage

With headquarters in New York, San Francisco, London, and Toronto, Vested is one of the most valued SEO fintech brands on the market. The company created a platform called Group Vested for financial strategists and marketers. 

While Vested offers SEO optimization and marketing services, it is primarily a communications consulting firm. Its main focus is on public relations and branding. On top of this, it offers web development services and SEO strategies. 

Top Services: Public relations, creative studio, web design and development, social media, and influencer management

Recognizable Clients: Apex, AmericanExpress, Bloomberg, GolubCapital, Scotiabank, Vantage, MSRB, Qontigo, 51Labs, AlphaSense

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Niche SEO

11. SmartSites

SmartSites Homepage

Last but not least is SmartSites, a top-tier digital marketing agency that works to propel fintech companies toward success. The agency was founded by Alex and Michael Melen, brothers with a strong passion for all things digital. With combined years of experience, they turned this agency into one of the fastest-growing companies in the US.

The suite of services at SmartSites includes website design and optimization with a great focus on functionality and aesthetics. Its SEO coverage includes user experience enhancements, local and national SEO, content creation, and email marketing. 

Top Services: Web design, organic SEO, email marketing, PPC advertising

Recognizable Clients: IntraHomeSystems, AirDuctBrothers, VelocityMoving, AndersonAdvertising

Cost: Custom pricing

Best For: Local SEO

 “They showed me great results fast. SmartSites manages the website and SEO initiatives. We recently expanded our location and continue to drive appointments through the digital marketing. I highly recommend SmartSites!” — Vladimir Byhovsky at Studio Esthetique

How to find the best fintech SEO agency

Choosing the most suitable fintech SEO agency for your business is not an easy endeavor. You can’t just do a bit of research online and go with the top result—or the company with the best quote.

If you want proper SEO for fintech, you need quality. 

Here are some tips that can help you make your choice.

Tip #1: Look for a fintech SEO agency

Many companies offer SEO services, but not all of them target fintech companies. If you want the best quality, look for companies that work with fintech brands and are experienced in the industry. Check out their portfolio to see successes and projects with companies that are similar to yours.

Tip #2: Search for teams, not individuals

The success of your SEO strategy cannot depend on a single person. You need a digital marketing agency that can tackle everything from growth and on-page SEO to tech and outreach services. If you want quality SEO for fintech, you need a company that will put together an eloquent team of experts across all these fields.

Tip #3: Search for industry leaders

What can you notice by looking at all 11 agencies in this list? They all are industry leaders and have clear social proof that shows their worth. Go for experience over affordability—it’ll pay off in the long run. 

Fintech SEO that fits your growth plans

Skale acts as an extension of your marketing team to create content aligned with your goals

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Ready to grow your fintech business?

As you’ll see on their websites, most of the top fintech agencies will offer you free marketing plans, consultations, or assessments. You can make use of the offers to see how the companies work and pick out your favorite once you get all the information. 

If you are ready to start your journey with Skale, schedule a free consultation call and we’ll tell you how we can help you with your business objectives. Let’s talk about how we can amplify your SEO strategies, boost your revenue, and fuel long-term growth for your fintech company.

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