Internet Initiatives Academy (IIA)

About IIA


Internet Initiatives Academy (IIA) is setup to educate and develop the professionals with necessary skills required in the tech field.

Our goal is to develop experts from diverse sectors, backgrounds and ages with the skills to participate in the technological field and shape the future of the internet.


IIA is an initiative of Halley Movement.

School of Internet Governance


The internet, which has more than 3 billion users, is among the most important infrastructure in the world.


School of Internet Governance was brought to support the objective of enabling professionals and other individuals to fully participate in activities related to Internet Governance processes. In Mauritius, this has been a project that was recommended after the first Mauritius IGF in 2017. Internet Initiatives Academy whose main objective is to educate and develop  professionals with necessary skills required in the Internet Governance processes was developed as a result of recommendation from Mauritius IGF in 2018,2019 and 2020.


Internet Initiatives Academy is now  proud to be hosting the first School Of Internet Governance in Mauritius.



To create a platform for people from various backgrounds to acquire the requisite skills in order to participate fully in Internet Governance and in the related technical fields whilst also incorporating qualitative cognitive skills to take forward artificial intelligence.



To equip  global leaders who will reach out to all communities and enhance knowledge and raise awareness on the importance of the internet and its future.


Internet Initiatives Academy(IIA) is a project that has been under development since the hosting of the first Mauritius IGF in 2017. 

Several recommendations were made during Mauritius IGF 2018, 2019, and 2020 to impact more knowledge and skills to professionals  on Internet Governance. Since then the IIA project has been in the works to ensure that its goals are achieved efficiently.

Course Content

To give an overview of developments and applications on the evolution and use of the internet.

To highlight and provide practical solutions in issues facing internet governance.

To highlight discuss issues in data protection and solutions towards the future of data protection.

 History & Overview of Internet Governance

Internet Governance in Indian Ocean Islands and Africa Indian Ocean Islands

Data Protection Issues

& Future of Data Protection

 Emerging Issues in Internet Governance

 Youths role in advancing technology in relation to SDGs

Internet Initiatives Academy (IIA) will be providing training for the following topics

Cybersecurity, crime and human rights

 Internet governance and exclusion/inclusion: Gender

Digital Literacy

What is digital inclusion and digital exclusion? The concept of “gender” means when we use it in internet governance?

To explain the need for protection systems, networks and digital attacks. 

To provide more insight into the importance of digital literacy and how it impacts the digital future.